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Thailand, the beautiful country of smiling faces, the Land of religion and prosperity, glistening temples, magnificent elephants, full of forests, stream of water, idyllic beaches and sea, and much more, please comes to life in this penetrating guide by SunThai.
Thai Shopping
There are many things that attract large numbers of people from all over the world to Thailand, making it a leading tourist centre in this part of the world. Among the main attractions are its beautiful scenery, its friendly people, its peculiar arts and culture, its comparatively low cost of living, and its great varieties of valuable products that can be bought at favourable prices.
To give you and idea of what are the really good buys in this country, here is a guide description of some of them.
Gems & Jewelry.
Gold Ornaments.
Silk Fabric.
Mudmee (tied-dye) Silk.
Wood Carving.
Bronzeware, Brassware.
Gold Plated Orchids.
Other Handicrafts.
All of the above you can conveniently obtain from large department stores, shopping plazas or in the shopping areas in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya, where you will find that there are just too many good things to buy and you may be at a loss how to make a choice. For more information please contact Amazing Thai Shopping.
Culture Passport
Thailand is the first country in the world to introduce the "culture passport" a passport of different kind.
The decision ti introduce this passport coincides with the Amazing Thailand 1998-1999 campaign during which thousands of tourists will visit the country from around the world. On arrival, each visitor will receive a passporttype document, which encourages people to engage in five cultural activities. The idea, inspired by the pathfinder books carried by Boy Scouts, encourages visitors to "rest," "eat," "ride," "buy" and "receive service" while in Thailand.
With regard to "rest," tourists are introduced to the many comforts available in good class accommodations. Tourists are encouraged to "eat," at least one Thai meal and the "ride," refers to the experience of sitting in a tuktuk or on the back of an elephant. Visitors are encouraged to "buy" Thai products at shopping outlets and "service" means traditional Thai masseurs, hairdressers, dentists and so forth.
The "culture passport," available at every Thai embassy and consulate around the world, and at duty free shops and immigration counters at major airports in Thailand, is written in English, Ja[anese and Chinese and comes complete with maps of Bangkok and other centres in Thailand.
The idea is for a visitor to receive a stamp, accompanied by a signature, on his "passport" every time he or she uses one of the services. Before leaving Thailand the tourist is invited to deposit the "culture passport" into a box provided at public relations counters at Bangkok International Airport and to receive a souvenir for doing so. As "passport" with ten or more stamps duly countersigned will receive and Honoured Visitor of Thailand certificate, which will be mailed directly to his or her home.

The Arts and Cultures of Thailand
Buddhist Lent Day.
Royal Barge Procession, "The Royal Kathin Ceremony"
The Royal Ploughing Ceremony, Bangkok.
SongKran Frestival Day (Thai New Year).
The Spirit House.
Thai Tradition Tracks
Trooping of the Colours, Bangkok.
Bangsai and Crafts Training Centre

Traditional Thai plays and games
A Wicker ball game called Takraw.
Thai boxing.

Thai Food Confererce
Thailand, for centuries an Asian crossroads, owes its rich culinary art to the cuisines of India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. The success of this country's cuisine lies in the blend of 4 basic tastes -- salty, sweet, sour and pungent. Some favourite Thai dishes: kai ho bai toei (seasoned fried chicken in leaf wrappers); thotman plakrai or thotman kung (fish or shrimp balls in Thai style); vaious kinds of yam (Thai salad); tomyam (hot and sour soup); curry and namprik with fesh vegetables. And perfect the Thai meal by ending with Thai sweets, such as salim, thapthim krop, lotchong, khanomchan, coconut-milk gelatine, thong yot, foi thong, etc. For more information please contact :
Amazing Thai Food [TAT].
Amazing Thai Food.
Thai Desserts
The Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving
Amazing Thailand Programme
Amazing Chinatown.
Amazing the taste of Thailand.
Amazing Thai Shopping.
Amazing Thai Boxing.
Amazing Thai Golf Courses.
Amazing Thai dancing and Music.

For more information please contact all other Tourism Authorrity of Thailand.
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TEMPORARY OFFICE (Amazing Thailand Center)
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Welcome to visit Thailand
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