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Looking for a travel buddy among your close friends? 10 things to prepare for…

Journeying out there into the world can be one of the best things one can do for oneself. And it’s best experienced together with friends – ideally those closest to you. If you’re looking for a travel buddy among these, we’ve come up with a couple of things to be mindful of to enhance your journey even further – and not turn it into a constant arguing contest… We’ll be dealing with:

·         Setting priorities

·         Clarifying how do you like to travel

·         Compromises

·         The need for “me time”

·         Money matters

·         The importance of being open

Looking for a travel buddy? Make sure you both know what you want

 This might be a crucial point – the fact that you’re all eager to set out on a journey doesn’t actually mean that your expectations will be the same. While you may be eager to soak up the culture, visit the landmarks and museum or undertake interesting excursion, your friends may be all about the never-ending party. If everyone has to have his share, make sure to create a list of activities everyone wants to partake in, and then plan your journey accordingly so that everyone gets, at least partly, his due.

 How do you prefer to go around?

 Some people are perfectly fine with staying in hostels or cheap accommodation, using public transport and carrying as little luggage as possible, while others need to use taxis, booking expensive hotels and restaurants and carrying ten spare pairs shoes – which one of these are you or your friends? You should make that clear in advance.

 Prepare to make compromise, but don’t be a pushover

 This one is a no-brainer. Everyone will have to cede some territory at some point and there will always be disagreements – where to go, what to eat, where to sleep, how much to spend... Don’t dig your heels in at all costs. Prepare to make little concessions here and there and expect the same from your friends. But, of course, sometimes you simply must make a decision – and don’t hesitate to do so if you feel this is a non-disputable issue.

Of course, you don’t have to tail each other all the time

Even if you have a great time together, it’s good to allow yourself a bit of me time anyway. You don’t have to do absolutely everything inseparably, remember that. If it’s fine for you to split for a day during your trip and go your separate ways for a while, it can actually feel very refreshing for a change – and you’ll have lots of new things to talk about as well!

Even the biggest extroverts, not to mention introverts, need some time to wind down while travelling. Don’t feel bad for granting yourself a couple of hours on your own. Stay at a hotel and read a book, or take a stroll by yourself. Let your friends know that it’s nothing personal and you just need to recharge – and they’ll be sure to understand that!

 Don’t be a penny pincher

 Money – few things are argued about so passionately. You’re on a holiday, doing things you wouldn’t normally do. If what you normally do is saving every penny, perhaps make a few exceptions now. That’s not to say you should blow all your budget away, but refusing to go with your friends to the museum because the entrance fee seems too high, or berating them for buying souvenirs won’t do you any favours. Remember,there’s a difference between being a saver and being a miser – and being the latter won’t result in people looking at you favourably…

 If something’s bothering you, just say it

 Too many people let the problems bubble under the surface and then have a sudden angry outburst. Open communication is the key. If you don’t like something, respectfully say it outright and avoid future conflict!

 So, these were our tips on what to keep in mind when you’re travelling with friends – here’s to you making a good use of them next time you and your mates hop on that plane together!

 Do you travel with friend often? What would you recommend to those who do? Do you have any interesting stories to tell? What about solo travelling – how would you compare it with going at it together? We’d appreciate your comments!



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